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Dear reader, welcome to my blog. We may only have 1 thing in common: OUR LOVE FOR MOVIES. Haha, just kidding. I have loved movies as far back as I can remember. I have a vague memory of the Christmas morning when my parents had bought me the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS. And the repeated viewings that followed…Mom and Dad got used to me hogging the television. Thankfully they did and I never stopped watching. 


I grew to love all kinds of movies, regardless of genre. It’s rare for kids to sit down for “talkies” and watch dramas. I made that transition pretty seamlessly.

I know I had listened to the opinion of those who were critiquing films carefully, or rather just paying attention to the jibber-jabber about so called “adult movies.” (Please… not the dirty kind). I remember being told “Oh, you wouldn’t like that movie Matthew. It’s for Grown-Ups.” OH how I hated the word grown-up…But not as much as I hated that, being told how I would personally react to something that they really couldn’t have any idea about up until exposure of such material. It angered me. So I took their ‘dare’ or word of caution.


So at the age for somewhere between 5-8, I watched “Forrest Gump.” I was astonished by it. Thus my thirst had just begun for even more of these grown up films. I remember loving the movie so much that I kept watching it over and over. Other films that opened my eyes and ears into the true art of film making came when I saw “The Sixth Sense,” “Cast Away,” and “Mystic River”. I was especially moved by one of my favorite scenes in River. Sean Penn is brilliant in this scene; after learning of the finding of dead daughter’s body, his character is brought into a mad frenzy (scene attached) From then on I was sealed into it. I began to watch every Oscar nominated film I could find. Eventually I looked into classics, indies, cult hits, and the rest is history.


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