Bonnie and Clyde-Love and Larceny

“Bonnie and Clyde” has been one of my favorite pictures I have seen all semester. It truly emphasizes many of the key reasons we see a movie to begin with.

Escapism One of the oldest reasons to enjoy drama was to escape from our regular daily life and take on the extraordinary- even the daring criminal of whom we are may be initially hesitant to empathize with. However we cling on to these charismatic fugitives and take our own part of their joyride across USA. We grow to love them, care for them, and in the process the movie becomes something more.

Story We go to see a tale that will change and inspire us. A story is crafted from its use of themes and literary or cinematic techniques. Bonnie and Clyde has as deep a story as they come; with complex characters who face conflict from within, and from the threat of law enforcement. Multiple characters were developed aside from the titular Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. They all have a part to play in the duo’s eventual downfall.

Entertainment and Thrill We also go to the movies to be thrilled by spectacle and have a good time. People are attracted to sex, romance, and violence. Bonnie and Clyde met all three of these motifs with flying colors. In particular the romance was not cliche, and was quite original, we dealt with a very unusual romance between Barrow and Parker. The violence was plentiful and quite an overload for its original audience. It introduced to the audience the reality of death very intensely since the violence was so upfront and bleak.

I had a great semester guys. This class was just EXACTLY what I bargained for and loved EVERY bit of it. Thanks to Professor Herzog for preparing the class with great film for all of us to enjoy!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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